Zoe Health Responds in TEDMED Panel- Join the conversation!

TEDMED responses are up! Almost all the questions were from my network, so Washington Heights/Inwood and colleagues were
well represented! So the TED folks took those questions and used them to generate
some of their own… and I got a creative chance to answer them!

Below is a link to the responses I and colleague panelists provided. To get to my response, click “see the next response” until you get to mine.
I’ll be tweeting links to my responses for the next five days for those that would enjoy a
daily dose of TED at @zoehealth. Now it’s your turn to weigh in with your
thoughts on our responses and create a meaty dialogue around the issue. There is a comment section with every question.

My responses are drawn heavily from my own urban upbringing, research and a
in-the-trenches perspective that addresses disparities. So far they only posted
five of the ten questions I answered. Enjoy videos and animated slides (they didn’t post my comic response yet)! Feel free to share my presentations if it fits with your own work,
crediting Zoe Health. When the rest are posted I’ll let you know. There will also be a live online event at the site with the panel on February 28th 1pm-2pm.

-Top 10 Challenges in Promoting Active Lifestyles (art by Aaron Guzman)
-Racial Disparities
-CDC State Health Rankings- Why do states differ in health outcomes?
-How do we solve this? (ridiculous question, but essentially how can different
sectors of society help us get more active).
-What motivates us to move

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