Zoe Health and Stephanie Pitsirilos-Boquin had the honor of serving as a Great Challenges Leader for the TEDMED2013 &TEDMED2014 “20 Great Challenges of Health and Medicine” Program, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Click on the TEDMED videos below to see us in dialogue with the global online community on meaningful health issues around healthy lifestyles and prevention.

How should we identify scalable, achievable ways for people to become more active, and how should we support those approaches – medically, financially, culturally, politically, and otherwise?


Children love physical activity, but for many this love diminishes, as people get older. Why does this happen, and what can we — parents, schools, coaches, medical providers, media, government, business, religious institutions — do keep the love of activity alive?

There are enormous racial disparities when it comes to promoting physical health. According to one study, 70 percent of African American neighborhoods and 81 percent of Hispanic neighborhoods lack recreational facilities compared to 38 percent of white neighborhoods. How can this discrepancy be addressed?


Is there any research showing that technology and/or social media have helped people adopt and sustain more active lifestyles? Which programs are most effective? Audio File

Multimedia Presentations



Live Google Hangout Panels


TEDMED Great Challenges: Health is Where We Live, Work, Play and Pray: June 27th, 2013



TEDMED Great Challenges: Promoting Active Lifestyles: February 2013

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