Stephanie and Zoe Health are Welcomed into TEDMED2013: The 20 Great Challenges of Health and Medicine

Exciting news for Zoe Health! I’ve been selected as a TEDMED Great Challenge leader for Promoting Active LifestylesTEDMED is a branch of the TED folks (TED talks), which focuses on issues in health and medicine that have no magic bullet or cure. The mission of TEDMED’s Great Challenges Program is not to solve these complex problems, but to ” provide America and the world with an unbiased and broadly inclusive view of these challenges, incorporating thoughtful, multidisciplinary perspectives”. From now until April 2013 I’ll serve as a moderator and panelist who seeks to engage in meaningful dialogue around the question: “How do we invent broadly popular and achievable ways for people to become more active…?” I’ll serve among a distinguished team of 4 for the challenge. The forum is online and in addition to the ongoing text dialogue, I’ll be producing creative formats for answering curated questions these discussions generate.

Contribute to the online discussions on any of the Great Challenges. Join me and my teammates and contribute directly to the Promoting Active Lifestyles discussion here. Why? Besides the interesting thoughts that can arise from our discussions, it also adds visibility and relevancy to your own work to an international audience.

It is truly an honor to have been recognized as a “thought leader” by the TEDMED community to help further evolve a public health issue that I’ve spent the past 8 years tackling. See you in TEDMED!

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