Some upcoming Webinars and Resources

Below are some useful-sounding webinars and resources around healthy lifestyle and community building, shared by The Partnership for a Healthier Manhattan.

April 11th 2-3 PM EST Webinar: Keeping Pedestrians Safe in Urban and Suburban Communities

This discussion forum will dive deeper into the topics of pedestrian safety presented at America Walk’s March 20th Webinar where Noah Budnick described NYC’s Vision Zero Campaign, working toward zero deaths, zero injuries and zero fear of traffic; and Michael King discussed community design, specifically suburban settings, and how it can have a positive or negative influence on pedestrian safety. Both Noah and Michael will be present at this discussion forum to answer your questions. This is an interactive discussion forum among participants and experts in this field. Click here to register. Click here to find out more about America Walks, the discussion forum and the featured experts. Please submit questions upon registration. 

April 11th 2-3PM EST Webinar: Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper and Healthier– Strategies to Transform the Built Environment

An increasing number of communities are accelerating their progress through ‘Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper’ (LQC) strategies to transform the built environment by taking incremental steps, using low-cost experiments, tapping into local talent, and paving the way towards longer term change. Presenters, from the Project for Public Spaces, will address the importance of creating healthy places and a quick overview of Placemaking. They will define ‘Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper,’ outline the design principles and present several examples of communities that have used innovative, inexpensive “fixes” to improve health. Click here to register for this Webinar. Click here to find out more about America Walks, the Webinar, and the featured speakers from the Project for Public Spaces.


April 23rd, 9:00 AM-8:00 PM Turning Vacant Acres into Community Resources

Hosted by The New School for Public Engagementthis day-long symposium will engage advocates, policy makers and scholars in New York City land policy workshops, discussions focusing the history of vacant land/community land access pressures and opportunities in New York City and a symposium in which land transformation facilitators from around the world will share best practices. RSVP here

Address: Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, 55 West 13th Street

May 1st, 2-4 PM Op-Ed Writing Training

Join Deborah Sted from CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and The Partnership for a Healthier Manhattan coalition member and learn how to write effective Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor. This is a great opportunity to ramp up writing skills and learn how to message public health issues to community members.

Address: 1425 Madison Ave, 2nd Floor, L2-82

May 29th 2-4 PM Partnership and Relationship Building/ Community Organizing  

Join the Partnership for a Healthier Manhattan and Bob Kaplan from Jewish Community Relations Council of NY in a training that will address the following questions:

·         Best practices and techniques for getting communities engaged and making sure information reaches them

·         How to involve residents and community organizations to work together on a particular project

·         How to identify and share resources between organizations & How to initiate a conversation about sharing resources, How to utilize different resources

·         How to work with other organizations, create a sense of shared mission and move forward to work together and get the work done

Address: 1425 Madison Ave, 2nd Floor, L2-82

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