Consulting services for public health, philanthropic, marketing and community based projects. We provide a hub for artists, health professionals and community members for networking and delivering projects for clients with health campaigns, websites and publications or those in need of solutions to institutional challenges.

Some great institutions have benefited from our services, including: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, TEDMED and Dichter Pharmacy (Dichter has received press from WNYC, New York Magazine, The Daily News, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal).

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Content Development and Management, whether it be for your magazine or website. Zoe Health has a knowledgeable team of editors, medical professionals,
    How about a customized Coloring Book for your program? See the one Zoe Health’s artist drew for Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

    artists and writers that can revitalize your publication platform with saucy, accurate articles that resonate with readers. Rather than imprisoning health within a pill, study or vegetable you should be eating, our articles will relate health back to life, whether it be via a celebrity trending in the news or by a cultural nuance that we only knew from our grandmother. In addition, we have a guest list lined up of free contributing writers from the medical, business, nonprofit and art industries for specialty topics and those personal stories that will provide your viewers with a mirror into their own lives. We can especially give flavor to Latino focused projects. Our team is based in New York, Miami, Mexico and sometimes the Caribbean, with a pulse on the diversity of Latino life.

  • Program and Campaign Development. While employed with the CHALK program, our team developed the content and marketing materials for the Vive tu Vida/Live your Life campaign with community participation, in addition to providing leadership. To see some incredible deliverables, watch the campaign’s video.

  • Institutional Policy Review and Reform. Looking to develop or implement new practices at your organization, hospital or company that can impact health? Stephanie has brought innovative employee and patient wellness initiatives that have increased physical activity and increased healthful food environments, including a Take the Stairs campaign, hospital based farmers’ market and event food guidelines.
  • Creating health education materials.Having meaningful content that is
    Customized Coloring & Activity Book, Dental Hygiene

    packaged attractively for health outreach is essential. See how Stephanie did this for a social marketing based campaign that followed a monthly calendar.

  • Funding Evaluation
  • Brand Development
  • Graphic art and Multimedia design
  • Best practices manuals and guidelines
  • Newsletters
  • General writing services
  • Event planning. Thinking of hosting an event? We know how to organize and market events that will get families excited about health. See a great write up of a kick-off Carnival or photos from a Halloween Party and outdoor Carnival.

Specialties: community organizing, social marketing, family health, childhood obesity prevention, Latino health, urban health, New York City, eco-sustainability.

For additional examples of graphic design, content quality, writing samples, and some incredible deliverables, visit About us.

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Consulting services for public health solutions. Art meets health.