Petition to Save North Meadow Recreation Center in Central Park

A group of Manhattan residents are concerned that they are gradually loosing access to free physical activity resources that the North Meadow Recreation Center (in the middle of Central Park 97th Street) provides (via handball courts, basketball courts, a small warm indoor space for the winter and once a climbing wall). Half the basketball courts have become an unofficial parking lot for parks and police vehicles, cars drive through the handball court areas and it seems the indoor space is slowly being converted to office space. North Meadow Recreation Center has long been a staple in our community, providing not only free physical activity opportunities for the community but also the mental health benefits that come along with them, and a sense of neighborhood. It is a haven for many lower-income long time residents of East/West Harlem and Upper East/Upper West side who are slowly seeing such resources disappear, as well as a resource for the neighborhood’s newer residents. 

Below is the link for the petition to the Park’s Commissioner asking to help resolve the problem for people to sign.

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