Only 2 days left to submit your question to my TEDMED Panel

Hope everyone is well and safe after Sandy.

Wanted to nudge those of you who are still interested in submitting a question to the TEDMED Great Challenges on Promoting Active LifestylesThere are only a few days left for you to make your splash on the TEDMED page before they close the question bank and prompt panelists for a response to generate discussions. All questions must be in by Monday November 5th.

As of Thursday night 2 of the 3 questions submitted are from my network (thanks Heather of Flip2BFit and Alan of Focused Fitness NYC)! (UPDATE- We’re now at 9!) A great start. It would be wonderful to hear from you as you add a unique voice and industry perspective to the conversation, and it’s a great way to be seen. The question should center around the challenge: The average American adult burns 500 fewer calories per day than farmers and factory workers did 100 years ago — while consuming many more calories. How do we invent ways for people to become more active, so as to replace those “lost” energy expenditures? 

Here is the link to participate– just login in to the “submit a question” section.

The comment section is always open for ongoing discussion as well. Hope you can dive in there too if something moves you.

Be well,


“TEDMED’s Great Challenges Program, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is an opportunity for a diverse community to come together and achieve a better understanding of what makes these challenges so complex and difficult to solve. Ask questions and share ideas – together we’ll gain a deeper understanding of these Great Challenges.”

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