Cars Still Rolling Through Pedestrian North Meadow Recreation Center

Early this year, The West Side Rag picked up a story we’ve been covering for awhile now, and published how the Central Park Conservancy and Parks DNorth Meadow Cars Greet Youepartment have been using half the basketball courts and indoor space in the North Meadow Recreation Center (in the middle of Central Park around 97th Street) for  office and parking spaces. Residents have attended community meetings, have gotten empty promises (or answers that reflect that the issue isn’t something they will take on), have collected hundreds of signatures from fans of the Recreation Center…And still the the public is being denied a slice of their tax-payer pie; the cars and offices are still there. Below is a collection of photos and a video from over the last few months documenting how cars block the paths of pedestrians and those wishing to use the courts for recreation. The only time the cars are removed seem to be when an organized team is playing in the courts, if not by whim of staff.

North Meadow Active Driveway
Not a Parking Space!










Video Footage

WSome Residents Try to Play Basketball, Even with the Cars in the Wayhen kids try to use the basketball courts, even with cars parked in the way. May 2015: North Meadow Cars in Courts May 2015

Alternative Parking Areas (to note a few)

Other Places to ParkNorth Meadow Ring Places to Park North Meadow Ring 2 Places to Park North Meadow Other Parking Places
North Meadow Available Spaces to Park

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